The venue

Pannon Equestrian Academy has been hosting prestigious national and international competitions in dressage, show jumping, vaulting and eventing.  The centre has three special, traditional events in every year: Animal Breeding Days which is related to St. Michael’s day; Masters Tournament international jumping competition (with an almost 30-year tradition); Dressage World Cup (since 1988). In addition, we also organize training clinics with foreign coaches. We regularly host regional, national and international championships, training camps, and the Hungarian Equestrian Federation’s refresher courses. Self-performance examination of several breeds has been taking place at the Pannon Equestrian Academy for decades.

In the history of vaulting, the Academy gave place to three major competitions, World Championships in 1996 and European Championships in 2007 and the Junior European Championships in 2014.

One of the largest indoor riding halls in Central Europe can be found at the Equestrian Academy with an arena size of 70mx30m, with seats for nearly 2,500 people. Not only does the size of the arena, but also the quality of the ground meets the needs of both national and international competitors. An area of 27 hectares is available for the fans of eventing. The 7500 sqm high-quality outdoor arena with an all-weather surface, refurbished in 2012 and also recognized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), provides a venue for several equestrian shows and other events.


How to get there


Adress of the Academy:

Guba Sándor street 40., Kaposvár, 7400